Ryuji's practice is inspired of mandala painting patterns which are found all over the world. His style of photography relies on the composition of each object created thought different methods. Currently Ryuji is researching how to communicate with visual elements thought the study of human interaction and the use of symbols with the intention to understand the subject more deeply when producing photographic images.


The yin and yang symbols often appear in his work in different guises. They came from ancient Chinese philosophy which offers a more profound research into the roots of life: all human life resides in the middle of two elements; for instance darkness and brightness, positive and negative, hard and soft, hot and cold, happy and sad; people therefore living naturally or deliberately harmonising those two elements. People visualise the decorative hearts, despite their complexity, thought their diverse personalities, opinion, thoughts, feelings and ideas. We are living with each other, making a form out of human organisation to build our life better within the limitation of time.


Human thought and creativity are unlimited and creativity, especially in the Arts is essential for the good health of the human psyche. Ordinary people make objects. Thought the high discipline required to produce this work, he gained self-understanding in turn giving me a positive outlook on life.






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Steta of Mind


This practice is an ongoing work since 2005.

I have produced the abstract photogram on silver halide paper,

I came to the UK alone, and I have lived in London since 1995. I was born in Japan in 1980. I completed BA and PGD photography at University Art London, London College of Communication in 2005 and 2006.

My main topic of research is looking into the “mind” thought using symbolic photographic expressions to try and understand how to balance the state of fate. Human beings are in a constant juxtaposing. For instance: life and death, positive and negative, shallow and deep. Etc. This is based on Yin and Yang philosophical concept, and it is tangible dualities. I explore the use of symbolism within my photographic practice to reflect my state of mind.

The viewer can decide how they choose to interact with the artwork, and how they choose to perceive the work and what they choose to take from it. Also the artwork can reflect a lot about an artist’s state of mind and how they interact with the world around them and the state of human society.

The work exploration can be undertaken in order to find new ways of using of photocomposing and objects to transform the meaning of living in different method. I want to progress my visual language through furthering my understanding of how human communication can be reflected within the use of symbols. This will allow me to develop further my photographic practice.





バライタ紙 ウォームトーン ミュージアム

サイズ16”x20” 12”x16”







ウィンドウマウント(Digital White) 



Technical information



Fiber base warm tone Museum

Size 16"x20" 12"x16"







Dry Mount(KAPPA)

Window Mount(Digital White)




The building and architecture are the symbol of time and place. The city, town and village have own styles of architecture with cultural climate. People are always surviving with the building from ancient to modern thus the cave in the mountain, medieval structure, skyscraper and houses; those building are one of the necessaries of life.


When I am taking photo of building, it is extremely important to read the direction of camera angle and the power of sunlight.

And I feel that I am taking picture of massive unmoved portrait in the out side or inside.


My most of architectural photographs are taken by Black and White film. The Black and White film photography has many varieties of material and way of process, such as the film, the chemical, the paper, also timing of exposing the film the light control on enlarger and the chemical reaction of processing.Somehow those magical combinations makes to unforgettable and long life images.



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